• Size: Encompassing about 151 square kilometers, Teramo stretches its arms wide, from sea-kissed shores to mountainous majesties.

  • Canvas of Geography: Positioned as a serene bridge between the glistening Adriatic Sea and the majestic Gran Sasso d’Italia mountain group, Teramo boasts landscapes where olive groves and vineyards paint the hills in shades of green and gold.

  • Heartbeat of the City: Home to approximately 54,000 souls, each adding to the city's vibrant mosaic of cultures, traditions, and stories.

  • Tourist Treasures: More than just scenic views, Teramo is an architect's dream. Marvel at the intricacies of the 12th- and 14th-century cathedral, the time-worn remains of the Roman theater, or the vast collections of the civic museum. Must-visits include Castello della Monica, Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta, and the fortress-turned-museum, Fortezza Museo delle Armi Civitella del Tronto.

  • Journeying to Teramo: Conveniently cradled along the A24 highway, Teramo beckons visitors from Rome and beyond. Those preferring the rhythmic chug of trains can find Teramo well-connected via rail.

  • Cultural Stroll: A city best savored slowly; meander on foot or pedal leisurely, letting the array of shops, monuments, and the nearby Adriatic Riviera's allure guide your path. Amidst the academic hum, where subjects from law to veterinary medicine echo, one can't help but be enticed by the famed Pecorino cheeses and the wines, especially the Vini di Colline Teramane.